Assistance in your management Assistance in your management

To manage your business and give you the means to react quickly
you need to know the key figures of your business on a regular basis.
A management chart, enables you control your company precisely
and safely.
The chart must show some targeted and personalized key indicators.

The strong points
  • We define together the relevant indicators for your business and your follow-up goals.
  • We implemente procedures to collect information.
  • We develop a periodic summary document.
  • We regularly analyze the evolution of your indicators.
Questions and Answers
  • How often do I need a chart ?
  • It is best to issue a chart monthly on the basis of simple and easy indicators
  • How much fees should I expect ?
  • It varies depending on the size of your business. Once the initial implementation is made, the cost is moderate.
  • What is the size of firm needed for a management chart to be relevant ?
  • There is no standard size. The management chart is a very useful tool for every company.

You lead a small business and you are often alone to operate it and face many legal obligations.
Our goal:
Be at your side every day, bringing you our expertise in accounting, tax, social security, economics and finance.

The strong points
  • Optimizing your administrative organization and bookkeeping
  • Issuing your financial statements: drawing-up but also comments and advice
  • Issuing your tax and social security returns
  • Make up your estimated budget and financing file
  • Advice on social security and tax options
  • Analysis of cost price
  • Monitoring of legal compliances

You are present nationwide.
You have an imperative of quality services for a successful development.
You are looking for a homogeneous bookkeeping, management and advice for your members;
safety in your operating.
You want a single contact.
You want to take advantage of our nationwide network to develop your establishments.

The strong points
  • Training of members and their administrative and accounting staff; recruitment.
  • Implementation of management charts and tools; assistance to development; reporting
  • Advice and support of members

As head of an association, you have to handle a very specific activity.
We offer our knowledge of your industry and its compliances
* either to support you every day
* or to perform auditorship

The strong points
  • Offer an appropriate organization
  • Comprehensive keeping of your books or contribution for the completion of your annual accounts
  • Delegated management of the labor department
  • Legal and tax optimization
  • Management support tools: budgeting, management chart,...
  • Another mission: the legal or contractual audit of your books.